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1. Influence of Inlet and Outlet Load on City Fire Fighting Centrifugal Pump
2. Assessment of Water Quality of Surma River in Perspective of Water Distribution System in Sylhet City
3. Environmental Hydrodynamics at the Outfall of the São Francisco River
4. Artificial Intelligent Bionics; Disability to Exceptional Ability
5. Numerical Calculation of Internal Pressure Distribution of Vortex Flowmeter
6. Dynamic behavior for a model of coupled limit cycle oscillators with delays
7. Consolidation Characteristics of Expansive Soils from Parts of Anambra Basin, Southeastern Nigeria
8. Analysis of Power Transmit To 3g Network Based On the Quality Ec / No and Received Signal Code Power In Relation To Intensity Traffic
9. Contribution of satellite gravity data (EGM2008) for structural characterization of theGoulfey-Tourba sedimentary basin (Northern Cameroon)
10. Flexural strengthening of reinforced normal strength concrete beamsby using different techniques: A critical review
11. Numerical Module on Energy Efficiency Literature Review of Solar Panel Tracking System
12. Review On Crack Repair And Strengthening Techniques In Concrete Slabs
13. Economic Justification of Hybrid Renewable Energy over Fossil Fuel systems, Nigeria.
14. The Stability of the Solution of Nonlinear Integral Equation in Two-Dimensional Problems
15. Impact of Mobile Applications Utilized In the Education of Accounting and Auditing At the Central University of Ecuador
16. Application of Landsat 8 Image to Extract Waterline and Build the Relationship between Chlorophyll-a and NDVI Index for Bung Binh Thien Lake, Southern Vietnam
17. Fish Smoking Kiln Using Agricultural Wastes as Energy Source (A)
18. Logical Structure of Structure OrientedEvaluation for E-Learning
19. Management of the Manggabai Fishes (Glossogobius giuris) in the Inland Aquatics Gorontalo Province, Indonesia
20. Review of Coral Reefs Conditions for the Development of District Object in Wangi-Wangi Island, Wakatobi District, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia