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1. Optimization and Estimation of Kipese-Lunsanu Mine Reserves
2.  Influence of the cutting gap on the quality of the cutting surface when cutting of aluminium sheets
3. Evaluation of drawability of thin aluminium alloy sheets
4. Using Remote Sensing To Study the Land Use / Land Cover of Kamaran Island, Yemen
5. The Homotopy Perturbation Method for Ordinary Differential Equation Method
6. Mathematical Model for Predicting the Water Absorption of Crude Oil Contaminated Concretes
7. Low Ohmic Resistance Measurement
8. Testing of Control Signals for a Voltage Source Inverter
9. Experimental Study on Fowl Egg Shell Ash As Partial Replacement of Ordinary Portland Cement In Concrete Production
10. Investigation of biodiesel fuel potential of Canarium Schweinfurthii Seed and Pulp Oils
11. Generalized Soft Group Homomorphisms
12. Composite Resin Bulk fill: Literature Review
13. Performance Evaluation of a Food Waste Mixer
14. Energetic valorization of plantain banana stem in southern Benin by anaerobic digestion
15. Newspaper coverage of oil-related environmental rights issues in the Niger Delta
16. An overview of the early development of the first genetically engineered crop- derived foods
17. Basic aspects for choosing crops for recombinant production of therapeutic and industrial molecules
18. GSM Module based Integrated Smart Irrigation System for Remote Control and Monitoring using Mobile Application
19. Spatio-ecological Assessment of Urban Plants in the Government Reserved Areas (GRAs) in Some Selected Capital Cities in Southsouth Region of Nigeria
20. Investigating the Performance of the 3-Phase Induction Machine
21. Modeling and Simulation of Campus Solar-Diesel Hybrid Microgrid using HOMER Grid (SPGS Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka Campus as a case Study)