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1. Analysis of Determining Factors in Increasing Performance of MSME Businesses in Indonesia
2. Optimal Sizing of PV/Diesel/Battery Hybrid Micro-Grid System Using Multi-Objective Bat Algorithm
3. Morphology of Binder-Jet Additive Manufactured Structural Amorphous Metal Matrix Composites
4. Comparative Analysis of Deflective Capability and Breaking Points of Wood Composites
5. Numerical Solution of Unsteady Couette Flow for a Discrete Velocity Gas
6. Assessment of Property Maintenance in Gombe State Legislative Quarters Using Geographic Information System (Gis) Approach
7. Effect of Alloying Elements on the Microstructure for Ductile cast Iron under the influence of Austempered Treatment
8. Removal of Malachite Green Dye from Waste Water Using Rice Husk Ash as an Adsorbent
9. Speech Influence of Text Reading Instruction in Computer Based Learning
10. Preparation of Papers for International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications: A new vision of the calculation of risk of disasters, applied to conditions of Nicaragua
11. Analysis of Costs for Maintenance and Readiness of Fishing Machines Againts Motorboat Revenues for Fishermen Era of Eradication of Illegal Fishing