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1. The Curves of Parameters Having Economic Importance in Conventional Milk during winter and Spring Season
2. Fat Depression Analysis in Conventional Milk during Summer Season
3. Protein and Fat Rates of Non-Dairy Sheep Milk vs Human Milk Standards
4. Suitability of Milk Obtained From Brown Swiss Cow for the Production of Different Types of Cheese
5. Prevalence of LADA in population diagnosed withtype 2 diabetesmellitus
6. VOC dispersion modeling in five points of vehicular flow of the city of Bucaramanga
7. Mechanical behavior and specific energy in elastic phase of aluminum wires and copper wires belonging to low voltage underground electrical cable
8. Manufacturing of Al-20%Si with Electric Arc Furnace
9. Low Precision Arithmetic Operations in Deep Neural Networks: An Overview
10. Determination of Phantom Image Resolution Gamma Camera Mode with Spect Equipment Using Tc99m on Variation of Detector Distance
11. Influence on the Capacity of Thruway by Bus Stops in Pampore, Jammu and Kashmir-192121
12. Determination of some mechanical properties of Bushveld Rocks
13. The Effects of Capital Structure on The Performance of Private Listed Businesses.(A Case Study of Benso Oil Palm Plantation, Cocoa Processing Company and Ayrton Drug Manufacturing Company)
14. Analysis of Biological Aspects of Endeavour Shrimp (Metapenaeus endeavouri) in the waters of Cirebon Regency
15. Experimental and Analytical Study of Square Columns Strengthed and Repaired Using Cfrp Sheets Partially and Fully Wrapped
16. Awareness of crucial design aspects for pressure vessels
17. The Sustainability of the Central City of the Kingdom of Giri as a reflection of the Nusantara Islamic Culture
18. The value chain as a strategic tool for the generation of competitive advantage in a beauty products company
19. Analysis of Computer Network Quality of Experience Using Fuzzy Logic Model: A Survey