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1. Antibacterial studies of Th(IV) complexes with 1-para and 1- ortho – substituted tetrazoline-5-thione ligands at PH < 7
2. Knowledge on Artificial Intelligence and Related Fields among Engineering Students
3. Ground Reaction Force At Athletic and Paralympic Runners – 3d_Grfs during Barefoot Running
4. Protection of Distribution Network
5. Effect of Traditional Processing Methods on Pesticide Residue Dissipation in Cowpea (Vigna Unguikulata)
6. Impact of Building Opening Design on Natural Ventilation Performance in Futsal Building at Surabaya
7. Health and Safety Standards Implementation on Construction Firms operating in Oyo State, Nigeria
8. Estimation of Breakdown Voltage for Silicon Rubber under Various Salinities
9. Effect of Contact Surface Normal Pressure on the Structural Behavior of Non-Symmetric Concrete Column Jackets
10. Bioeconomic Approach on Management of Squid (Loligo spp) Fishery Empirical Study at Kejawanan Archipelagic Fishing Port Cirebon Indonesia
11. Digital Citizenship: KSF and Constraints in Traditional and Emerging Democracies
12. Preliminary Investigation of Water Treatment Using Moringa Oleifera Seeds Powder as Natural Coagulant: A Case Study of Belat River, Malaysia
13. Determination of the Oil Initial in Place, Reserves, and Production Performance of the Safsaf C Oil Reservoir