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1. Solution of Economic Dispatch Problem using Modified Cuckoo Search Algorithm
2. Optimization under Uncertainties of a Valveless Diaphragm Pump using the Cut-Cell Method
3. The Microenterprises in the Rural Context of Chalchicomula De Sesma, Puebla
4. The Potential Fishing Ground and Spatial Distribution Pattern of Albacore (Thunnusalalunga) in Eastern Indian Ocean
5. Geochemical Features of Rare Earth Elements in the Dolomites of the Bozdağ Formation (Early Silurian–Middle Devonian) from Söğütözü-Ladik (Konya/Turkey) Area
6. A New EDLC Electric Scooter with Pulse-Power Super-Rapid Charger
7. Expression of Pichia Pastoris-Derived Secreted Insulin Precursor
8. Scaling-up Mechanical Craft Practice Trade Facilities in Technical Colleges for Sustainable National Development in Rivers State
9. Mathematical Modeling of Three Phase Power Transformer Phase-Shift Compensation Differential Protection Using Star/Star Connected Current Transformers
10. Improved Template Matching Techniques for Unicode Character Recognition
11. Hydrological Characterization Of The Estuarian Bay Of Adiopo- Doume In Lagoon Ebrie (Cote D'ivoire)
12. High pressure thermal processing for inactivation of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens and Clostridium sporogenes spores in a range of low acid commercial preparedfoods
13. Developing a cheaper and more efficient solar heating swimming pool project: A case study
14. Proposal for a Smart Factory implementation Model based on Industry 4.0
15. Analytical Study on Subgrade Soil Reactions to Octagonal Foundations of Industrial Pole-like Structures
16. Application Programming Interface (API) for Real time Churn Prediction Based on Customer Classification using Decision Tree and k-nearest neighbor
17. Fast Face Detection System Based On HEVCBitstream
18. Comparative Analysis of the Performance of Adjustable Windows in the Processingof Noisy Voice Signals
19. Securing Data on Transmission from Man-In-The-Middle Attacks Using Diffie Hell-Man Key Exchange Encryption Mechanism