Series - 1 [July - 2022]

Paper Title :: Smart Happy Sustainable Cities Definition and Challenges
Author Name :: Dr. Lamiaa Adel Shaheen
Page Number :: 01-16
:: 10.9790/1813-1107010116  

Increased environmental consciousness and consideration, urbanization, and technological advancement have all resulted in a pressing need and opportunity to reconsider how cities are built and managed. During the previous few centuries, these interconnected issue developments have begun to coalesce under the new umbrella of Smart Sustainable Cities. The purpose of this chapter is to initiate and debate the concept of Smart Happy Sustainable Cities and smart material.The paper will also propose a definition of Smart Happy Sustainable Cities and discuss some of the key challenges associated with putting the concept into practice. While there are numerous definitions for smart cities and sustainable cities, the Combination........

KEYWORDS: Happy City, Computer aided architectural design (CAAD), Architectural representation, Computational design, Happiness in Communities

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