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1. Analysis of Coastal Characteristics in Canggu Area Badung Regency
2. Saw Dust As Full Replacement Of Fine Aggrgate In Lightweight Concrete: Any Comparable Strength?
3. Improvement of Emission Color and Efficiency in Blue Light Emitting Organic Devices Using External Microcavity
4. Incorporating feature derivation into machine learning to predict software project duration
5. Precipitation forecast model for hydrological units using artificial neural networks (ANN)
6. Negative Perception of Waste: An Obstacle to the Sustainable Salubrity of Kinshasa, the Capital City of D.R. Congo
7. Graph Thoery and Dijkstra's Algorithm:A solution for Mumbai's BEST buses
8. Effects of Asymmetric Boundary Conditions on Plane Couette Flow with Limiting Nusselt Numbers and Viscous Dissipation
9. Demographic Profile Pattern of Spina Bifida in Enugu, South- Eastern Nigeria
10. Operating Limits of Railway Lock Stretcher Bar Movements via Multiaxial Analysis
11. Development and Performance Evaluation of Coconut Dehusking Machine
12. Automatic cut out two-way energy billing system using power line communication
13. Influence of Individual Factors on Nurses' Job Satisfaction in Selected Public Hospitals in Kericho County, Kenya
14. Status and vital role of glaciers at a glance
15. Interpreting Predictive Data Analytics Characteristics of Undergraduate Freshmen Relating Choice and Selections of Programs
16. Study of Electrical Energy Potential Using Plasma Gasification through Garbage Conversion in Ketapang City
17. M-Bus Compatible Meter Reading and Billing Process