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1. Application of Cold Drying Technology to Increase the Germination Rate of Rice Seeds in Vietnam
2. Inventory of Medicinal Plants in a Homestead Garden in Gwarandok, Abattoir, Plateau State, Nigeria
3. Power System Stability Improvement through Multilevel Optimal Control Strategy
4. Effects of Viscous Dissipation on Forced Convection Heat Transfer in Plane Couette Flow under Constant Heat Flux Boundary Conditions
5. Evaluation Of Suitability Of Natural Gravels Associated With Nsukka Formation In Owerre-Ezukala (Awka Area), Southeastern Nigeria,As Aggregates For Highway Pavement
6. Supply chain coordination problem of assembly system under new risk measurement including defective products
7. A Study and Evaluation of Power Outages on 132 Kv Transmission Network In Nigeria for Grid Security
8. Optimal Area Algorithm For Data Hiding In Digital Image
9. A Critique of Floating-Managed Exchange Rate Policy as a Macro-Economic Stabilization Tool - A Case of Nigeria
10. Smart Music Recommendation System
11. Bacterial Contamination of Poultry Feeds, Molecular Studies and Antibacterial Resistance Profiles of Isolates in Keffi Metropolis, Nigeria
12. The Role of Parties in the Process of Citizens' Political Participation in Afghanistan
13. Econometric Analysis of Determinants of Rice Price Volatility in Nigeria (1970-2017)
14. Determination of the Actual Reflux Ratio of a Binary distillation Column using Excel
15. A Survey on Attitude of Mothers towards Immunization of Their Children in Nigeria (A Case Study Zuru Metropolis)
16. Evaluation of small-capacity cube ice maker models with tube-intube evaporator technology and R22 refrigerant and selection of the model suitable for Vietnam conditions
17. Using a Web-base Tool-IDF_CC to Update IDF Curves for Takoradi City to Reflect Climate Change Uncertainties
18. Stability Determination of Second (2nd) Order Federal Geodetic Infrastructure in Anambra State, Nigeria
19. The Impact Of Effective Leadership On Employee's Performance In Local Government Of Kaduna State, 2013-2019
20. Seepage Analaysis of Kiri Dam Using Finite Elements Method
21. Conceptual Design of an Efficient Java Obfuscator Using Advances in Artificial Intelligence and Multicore Processors
22. Thermal Performance of Ethylene-Based Aqueous Solutions Containing Silver (Ag), Copper Oxide (Cuo), Aluminum Oxide (Al2o3) or Titanium Dioxide (Tio2) Nanoparticles in A Finned Flat Tube Compact Heat Exchanger (Automotive Radiator)
23. The comparison of springback of different steels used in the bending process
24. Assessment of climate change resilience strategies in some selected Industrial areas in Rivers State, Nigeria
25. Submarine Cable and Optical Fiber Communication: Perceived Alternative
26. Assessing the bacteriological quality of some cooked and fried ready to eat street foods vended in Ekpoma, Edo State-Nigeria: Public Health Implications
27. On the Automated Entity-Relationship and Schema Design by Natural Language Processing
28. Energy Consumption and Load Profile for Bayero University Kano
29. Automation of a rabbit feed dispenser
30. Comparison of SPWM and THSPWM Control Techniquesin a HVDC Transmission System
31. Spermatozoa Structure Treated by Plucheaindica Tannin: A Case Study on Male White Mice
32. Errors Measurements Quantification in Analog Voltmeter
33. The value of responsibility through Problem-Based Learning PBL, in the analysis of electrical circuits