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1. The Degradation Effect of Glyphosate in Soils Using MicrowaveHeating Treatment
2. Modeling Of the Variation of Physical and Mechanical Properties of Compressed Earth Blocks Stabilized With Treated Bamboo Fibers
3. A Novel Three Phase Transfer Field Machine with Cage (Rotor) Windings
4. Business feasibility and fishing seasonal pattern of trolling fisheriesin Trenggalek Waters, East Java, Indonesia
5. A Portfolio Trading System of Digital Currencies
6. Improving the performance of a natural gas dehydration plantusing a combination of solvents
7. Simulation of 2-D Laminar Natural Convection Heat Transfer in a Right-Angled Triangular Rooftop Enclosure using Comsol Multiphysics
8. Flow Field and Temperature Distribution in a Trapezoidal Rooftop Enclosure using ComsolMultiphysics
9. A Review of the Mechanism, Effects and Control of Ground Vibration Associated With Rock Blasting
10. A Step-By-Step Technique for using Simulink and MATLAb to model a PV- Wind hybrid system