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1. Economical Analysis Of Polyculture Of Catfish And Tilapia Fish In Biofloc System
2. An Appraisal Of Health And Wellness Apps On Mobile Devices
3. Sustainable Tuna Fisheries Management Strategy In Sendang Biru, Malang Regency, Indonesia
4. Predicting The Global Solar Radiation In Ikwo Using Insolation-Sunshine Correlation
5. Some Graph Theoretical Properties in the Traditional Construction of Wells a case study of Dukkey wells in Yankari, Bauchi State
6. The study of conflict management and Employee Performance in Selected Broadcasting Stations in South East-Nigeria
7. Determination of Some Air Pollutants and Meteorological Parameters in Ibeno L.G.A.: Niger Delta Region of Nigeria
8. Wood Poles Earthing System in Practical case of 132kv
9. FTIR/Matrix isolation study of photolysis reactions of allyl halides with oxygen
10. Automation of Spectrometer