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1. Application of Building and Construction Materials using Carbonized Biochar to accomplish Net Zero in Climate Change Area
2. Summate stock list of Plant Habits of Spermatophytic flora on the Landmass of the Federal College of Forestry Jos, Plateau State
3. Phyto – Toxicity Evaluation of Agro – Waste Formulated Compost on Five Different Plant Seeds
4. Communist Party Of Vietnam Perceive, Manipulate Dialectical Law Between Productive Forces And Relations Of Production In The Process Of Socioeconomic Development
5. Construction of Solar Dryer for Drying Agricultural Produce: Tomato Slices
6. Illness behaviour of hospitalized children in an ideal hospital ward setting
7. Mechanical Properties of Adobe Stabilized With Cow-Dung and Gamba-Straw Waste
8. Environmental/Economic Power Dispatch Considering Wind Power using Bat Algorithm
9. Prospects of Collaborative Knowledge Management (CKM) In A Knowledge Based Economy: A Focus On Construction Firm
10. A population genetics online calculator with adjustable parameters for the estimation of the risk of inheriting Mendelian diseases
11. Patent analysis of Coal coking and its deep processing in The United Kingdom
12. Some Contributions of I.C.T. To The Research Findings of Tertiary Institutions In Nigeria Towards Smes
13. Static Push Over Analysis of a 5 Storey Steel Building
14. Evaluation of Relevance of Mobile Phone on Rural Livelihood Choices in South-West Nigeria: An Implication for Rural Poverty Alleviation
15. Adaptation of shallow foundations due to adverse effect of water table on base soils
16. Nutrients Composition and Aflatoxin Contents of some locally cultivated Groundnuts in Sokoto State, Nigeria
17. Analysis of the position and velocity of a slider-crank mechanism