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1. Hydrothermal Liquefaction Of Coconut Dregs Into Bio-Crude In Super-Critical Water Media
2. Forced Convection Heat Transfer In Porous Medium With Viscous Dissipation Effect
3. Forced Convection in Circular Pipe Flow for Newtonian Fluids with Viscous Dissipation Effect on Heat Transfer
4. Energy Consumption Analysis and Potential Energy Savings of A Public Building In Nigeria
5. Is government intervention beneficialin a micro – economy?
6. The Impact Of "HFACUS" Model on Learning Outcomes in Surabaya Aviation Polytechnic
7. A review on Cloud Computing and Cloud Service Providers
8. Strength Characterization of Periwinkle Shell Polymer Concrete
9. To study the effect of age on attitudes towards men breaking traditionally "masculine" norms.