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1. Modified Adomian Decomposition Method and Padé Approximant for the Numerical Approximation of the Crime Deterrence Model in Society
2. Ethnobotanical Survey of Plants in Bokkos District Of Bokkos Local Government Area of Plateau State
3. The Effect Of Zoning In A Closed House On Total Erythrocytes, Hemoglobin Levels, And The Percentage Of Hematocrit In The Blood Of Laying Hens In The Starter Period
4. Matrix isolation study of photolysis reactions of allyl halides with ozone
5. Optimization of Supply Chain Network using Genetic Algorithms based on Bill of materials
6. Prospect of Low-Cost Housing Delivery for Middle Income Earners in Nigeria
7. Arbitration in Maritime Disputes
8. SVM-based Learning Model for Abnormal Behaviors in Smart Home
9. Assessment of Social Vulnerability to Flood among Coastal Households in South-South, Nigeria
10. Diversity and Distribution of Ferns Species in Shere Hills of Jos North L.G.A Plateau State, Nigeria
11. Manufacture of Lightweight Concrete Coarse Aggregate
12. Design and Implementation of a Software Application for Progressive Collapse Analysis of Ship Hull Girder Structures
13. Comparative Study of Time Series Models to Rainfall Data