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1. Performance Evaluation of FBMC, UFMC, and F-OFDM Modulation for 5G Mobile Communications
2. Implementation of a Battery Charge Monitoring System on Internet of Things (IoT) Based Transportable Devices
3. Mathematical Model for the Deflection of Rectangular Stiff Plate on Elastic Foundation Using Improved Finite Difference Method
4. A Study of Applying Interactive Media to Promote the Brand Name of Ha Tinh University
5. Social media uses and abuses in the production and dissemination of Covid 19 related messages in Zimbabwe: A case of WhatsApp Messenger
6. Optimizing Gas Throughput of Actual Valve Using Different Seat Designs, Seat Sizes, and Ball Sizes – An Experimental Study
7. Safsaf D Oil Reservoir – Oil in Place, Reserves, and Production Performance Estimations
8. Object Detection under Similar Interference Based on Efficient Det
9. Performance of Cross-flow Microfiltration in Separating Lactic Acid from Fermented Beetroot Biomass for Preventing Natural Oxidation
10. Experimental Study on Feasibility and Affordability of Street Lights in Benghazi City by Using Photovoltaic System
11. Performance Characteristic of Rice Husk Ash and Mining Tailing Waste Compressed Earth Blocks for Low Cost Housing
12. Design and Construction of Vehicle Wheel Energy Harvesting System for Street Lighting
13. The First Integral Technique for Constructing the Exact Solution of Nonlinear Evolution Equations Arising in Mathematical Physics
14. Analysis and Selection for Overhead Conductor Sizes for Distribution and Transmison Lines
15. Highly Accurate Face Location Based On YOLO For Ultra High Resolution Video Based on HEVC
16. Mesh/Radial Distribution Network Multi-Objective Operation considering Security-Constraints and Multi-DG Configurations with Integration of Demand Response
17. Comparative Study of the Road Roughness Measurement of Roadlab Pro and Roadroid Applicatons for IRI Data Collection in Nigeria
18. Design and Construction of Vehicle Wheel Energy Harvesting System for Street Lighting
19. Solar Activities over the Rainfall Pattern and Temperature Ranges in Nigeria