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1. Seismic Facies and Geomodel as tools to Play and Prospect Evaluation in the Shallow Offshore Niger Delta, Nigeria
2. Industrial Robot and Automation
3. Investigation of Pozzolanic Action of Biomass Ash from Clean Sawdust on Sandcrete Block
4. Oxygen Enrichment Device Using Hall Effect
5. Extended Spectrum Beta Lactamase Producing E.Coli And Klebsiella Species Isolated From Layer Chicken Farms In Jalingo, Nigeria
7. Evaluation of influence of cutting gap on the quality of the cutting surface when cutting of electrical steel
8. Simetrías de Lie y soluciones invariantes para las ecuaciones de Emden-Fowler estándar y Emden-Fowler generalizada
9. Research on Emotional Cognition of Abstract Art Painting in Continuous Flash Suppression
10. Proximate Analysis And Phytochemical Screening Of Breadfruit (Treculia Africana) SEED OIL
11. Human Existence, Biotechnology and the Challenges of Transhumanism