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1. Flexural-Torsional-Distortional Analysis of Double Spine Mono-Symmetric Box Girder Section
2. Control of a Pumping System Through A PLC And HMI Interface
3. Factors Affecting the Security of Information Systems: A Literature Review
4. Possibilities of Preparation of Coatings from Carbonyls
5. Evaluation of Limit Drawing Ratio of Selected Types of Steel Sheets
6. The Quantum Realm: Quantum Teleportation
7. Simulation and Analysis of the Magnetic Flux of an Electric Generator for Microgeneration
8. Speed Control of a current Motor Continues Using The PI Controller An Arduino Uno Microcontroller
9. Economic Empowerment Model for Freshwater Aquaculture-Based Communities in South Konawe Regency
10. Enhance Human Resources Quality – Fundamental Element To Ensure The Nation's Current Rapid And Sustainable Economy