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1. Flexural-Torsional-Distortional Analysis of Double Spine Mono-Symmetric Box Girder Section
2. Control of a Pumping System Through A PLC And HMI Interface
3. Factors Affecting the Security of Information Systems: A Literature Review
4. Possibilities of Preparation of Coatings from Carbonyls
5. Evaluation of Limit Drawing Ratio of Selected Types of Steel Sheets
6. The Quantum Realm: Quantum Teleportation
7. Simulation and Analysis of the Magnetic Flux of an Electric Generator for Microgeneration
8. Speed Control of a current Motor Continues Using The PI Controller An Arduino Uno Microcontroller
9. Economic Empowerment Model for Freshwater Aquaculture-Based Communities in South Konawe Regency
10. Enhance Human Resources Quality – Fundamental Element To Ensure The Nation's Current Rapid And Sustainable Economy
11. Fault Diagnostic Tests in Induction Machines
12. Evaluation of Drawability of Selected Types of Steel Sheets
13. Design and control of a car park