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Sl. No. TITLE Downloads
1. Polymorphism of Ovocalyxin-32 Gene among Six Nigerian Chicken Populations
2. Digital structure design of a small nozzle flowmeter
3. Creating City Models in ArchiCAD Software Environment
4. Construction of Solar Dryer for Drying Agricultural Produce: Tomato Slices
5. Evaluation of Heavy Metals and Antimicrobial Efficacy of Four Hand Sanitizers Used during COVID-19 in AFIT, Kaduna
6. Simulation Analysis of Ito Films Optoelectronic Properties
7. Software Testing On the Cloud
8. Quantum Physics rapidly explained to my nephew
9. Evaluation the geothermal power technologies suitable for geothermal reservoirs in the Northern provinces of Vietnam
10. Factors Affecting the Security of Information Systems: A Literature Review