• Editorial Board Member
Dr. Kh S Mekheimer
Qualification : Philosophy Doctor,
Specialization : Department of Mathematics
Affiliation : Math Dept, Fac of Science , Al-Azhar University
Country : Egypt

Dr Tarik A. Rashid
Qualification : Philosophy Doctor
Specialization : Computer Science and Informatics
Affiliation : Nantional University of Ireland
Country : Ireland

Dr. Haider N. Hussain
Qualification : Philosophy Doctor
Specialization : Computer Science (Mobile IP Networks)
Affiliation : University Technology Malaysia, Malaysia
Country : Malaysia

Dr. Nouby M. Ghazaly
Qualification : Philosophy Doctor
Specialization : Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Affiliation : College of Engineering, Minia University
Country : Egypt

Dr. Jan Jezierski
Qualification : Philosophy Doctor,
Specialization : Metallurgy, Foundry Engineering, Pneumatic Conveying, Waste Management, Quality Management
Affiliation : Silesian University of Technology, Poland
Country : Poland

Dr. Tamer
Qualification : Philosophy Doctor
Specialization : Electrical Engineering Department
Affiliation : Faculty of Engineering, Kafrelsheikh University, Egypt
Country : Egypt

Dr. Abdul-Sattar Jaber Ali Al-Saif
Qualification : Philosophy Doctor,
Specialization : Faculty of Education
Affiliation : Basrah University, Iraq
Country : Iraq

Dr. Mayank Verma
Qualification : Philosophy Doctor from IIT Kanpur
Specialization : Atomic Energy
Affiliation : Scientific Officer, Atomic Energy Regulatory Board, INDIA
Country : India

Dr. Mubasher Nadeem
Qualification : Philosophy Doctor,
Specialization : Arts & Social Sciences
Affiliation : Director, Division of Arts & Social Sciences, University of Education, Lower Mall Campus, Lahore (Pakistan)
Country : Pakistan


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