Volume 07 || Issue 01 || Version-1 January- 2018
    Paper Id ::
    Paper Title :: Relative Abundance Of Apis Species On Brassica Napus L. Bloom
    Author Name :: DR. Jasvir Singh Dalio || Lec. In Biology
    Page Number :: 01-07
    :: 10.9790/1813-0701010107   

    Observations on relative abundance of various species of Apis (A. mellifera, A. cerana, A.florea and A. dorsata) on parental lines of Brassica napus in hybrid seed production plots revealed that A.mellifera was the most abundant visitor thus excellent pollinator. Bee visitation was significantly more in case of experimental plots with male & female row ratio 2:4 followed by 1:4 and 1:8. So hybrid seed production plots with male to female row ratio 2:4 with A.mellifera beekeeping is suggested. Cytoplasmacally male sterile flowers showed lesser bee abundance than that on flowers of restorer line, which was a limiting factor, for hybrid seed production. Further research work is required to select or develop CMS and R lines, which must be equally attractive to bees. The finding of the study will enhance the existing knowledge regarding honeybee management for pollination, hybrid seed production, pollinating efficiency of different types of honeybees and apiculture in general.

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