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  • The International Journal of Engineering & Science is aimed at providing a platform for researchers, engineers, scientists, or educators to publish their original research results, to exchange new ideas, to disseminate information in innovative designs, engineering experiences and technological skills. It is also the Journal's objective to promote engineering and technology education. All papers submitted to the Journal will be blind peer-reviewed. Only original articles will be published.
  • The papers for publication in The International Journal of Engineering& Science are selected through rigorous peer reviews to ensure originality, timeliness, relevance, and readability.    Read More....
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The Model

The International Journal of Engineering & Science encourages the widest range of submissions and foster intellectual excellence.

Open Review

The International Journal of Engineering & Science approach to peer review is open and inclusive, at the same time it is based on the most rigorous and merit-based 'blind' peer review processes. Our referee processes are criterion-referenced and referees selected on the basis of subject matter and disciplinary expertise.

Intellectual Excellence

The result is a publishing process which is without prejudice to institutional affiliation, stage in career, national origins or disciplinary perspective. If the paper is excellent, and has been systematically and independently assessed as such, it will be published.


The International Journal of Engineering & Science is developing a low-cost non-commercial approach to academic publishing. We believe there are limitations in both the high cost commercial publishing and apparently no-cost open access publishing models.

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